Goal Focused, Personal Development

Every Day is One Step Closer to Your Goal

A little progress every day adds up to big results

When you were a kid did anyone ever tell you the story of “The Tortoise and the Hare? The tortoise challenged the hare to a race after the hare teased him about how slow he was. During the race, the hare was so far ahead that he decided to take a nap and wait for the tortoise to catch up only to embarrass the tortoise at the end. Unfortunately for the hare, he didn’t wake up until the persistent tortoise was so close to the finish line that the hare couldn’t catch up before the tortoise crossed the finish line. Ultimately, persistence won over procrastination.

The tortoise didn’t win because of his speed or his wit, he won because he wasn’t intimidated by the hare’s skill and quicknesshe was persistent and he never gave up. That same lesson can be applied to almost every  part of our lives and most importantly, to our #goalgetter journeys. The goal setting/planning process is not a fast one. It takes time and effort to see real and lasting results. If we learn anything from the tortoise, let it be that our slow and steady progress day after day will end in the success that we are looking for. That’s why taking small action steps every day, even if it’s only one a day, will snowball into big results.

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