Goal Focused

Goals: How to get Started

Client: “I want to find a new job, I want to organize my house and I want to improve my relationship with my daughter.”

Coach: “Great, let’s build a plan to get there.”

A month later…

Coach: “How did you do working towards your goals these last few weeks?’

Client: “Welllll, about that…..” **Insert 758547564789 excuses here**

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This conversation happens all the time. Does it sounds familiar? You have a goal, you may even have a plan but talking about it is as far as you get. You tell yourself things like you’ll start tomorrow, you’re too busy, you don’t have time, it’s not the right time or you don’t have the stuff you need. There are a million more excuses that I could list here but we’d be here an entire week. So how do we go from talking to doing?

STOP MAKING EXCUSES. We can always find a reason to procrastinate. When we start putting non-value added activities in front of the work we need to do to complete our goals, we just put ourselves further behind.

MAKE SURE IT’S YOUR GOAL. If it’s hard to motivate yourself to get started, are you sure it’s something that you REALLY want to do? If you’re not sure, download my free goal clarity worksheet to help figure that out.

GIVE YOURSELF DEADLINES. If you’re not giving yourself deadlines, then you’re not holding yourself accountable. Accountability is a necessary motivator in everything you do. When would you work harder, when you were told that you had a week to complete a project or when you were told that you could get it done whenever you felt like it? Exactly. Just because someone else isn’t giving you a deadline doesn’t meat that you shouldn’t have one.

 Following these three steps will help ensure that you’ll be on your way to success in no time….and by “no time” I mean, by whatever timeframe you give yourself!

Get to hustling, #goalgetter.







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